Technology Grief? Relief!

As your business grows, you need technology. But you cannot afford a full-time staff member with the education and years of experience necessary to develop and maintain them. However, you can afford to make a highly-qualified technology specialist part of your team by contracting with WellThot Inc. to provide ongoing support for all your business technology needs.

With WellThot Inc. as your technology partner, we work with you and your management team on a monthly basis to assess, plan, and act on the key technology issues in your environment. We help you anticipate future needs and avoid future problems.

We think outside the box to help you excel with a technology environment that fits your budget.

Mission: WellThot Inc. develops complete information systems for our small business clients that enable them to efficiently anticipate and satisfy their customers’ needs.


Computer grief? We can help you. 

WellThot Inc. provides a comprehensive set of services to address all the computing needs of a small business:

Analyze your business processes and how information flows throughout your business to provide an overall information system design, maximizing your efficiency and minimizing your operating costs.

Provide the computing hardware, networking, software (off-the-shelf or custom applications), training, and support needed to implement and maintain your complete information system.

Help you communicate and conduct business with your suppliers and customers using the Internet.

Partner with other consultants across the United States to provide software development and system administration services to larger companies.

We focus on small business clients in central and northern Illinois.


Let us be your Information Systems Department! 

When was the last time you backed up your critical data?

When was the last time you verified that your data backups could be read and restored?

We will develop a data backup strategy and manage its execution.

Are you protected from SPAM and computer viruses transmitted through email?

We will review your SPAM and virus defenses and help you strengthen and maintain them.

Do you have a good printer that is shared in your office?

Can you easily share computer documents with your coworkers?

We will network your office computers and printers to share resources and communicate more effectively.

Frustrated with slow as molasses Internet access?

We will discover the source of Internet slowdowns and reduce delays.

Are you compliant with your Microsoft and other commercial software licenses?

Are you tired of the high cost of using commercial software that locks your data into its proprietary data formats?

We will reduce your costs by supporting your use of free software such as the OpenOffice.org office suite, the Mozilla web browser and email program, the PostgreSQL and MySQL databases, and the GNU/Linux and FreeBSD operating systems.

Is your sensitive data protected from access by unauthorized employees and outsiders?

We will manage your email system, firewall, web server, database server, and file server to ensure appropriate security policies are enforced.

Are you and your employees able to use your computer software and systems effectively?

We will provide computer system and application training to improve your office productivity.

Are your systems protected with all the available operating system and application software security updates?

We will explain what security updates are needed and ensure that they are installed regularly.

Are you spending too much time at the office catching up on your computer work?

We will setup secure access to your office network from your home computer so that you can finish your work at your convenience and spend more quality time with your family.

Do you have the information you need when out of the office?

We will download the data you need to a pocket computer.

Have you wasted money on computer stuff you couldn’t make work, that wasn’t what you needed, or that cost too much?

We will help you determine what you really need and get it at a good price. Call us before you spend money on computer stuff!




Mark Schwenk 

Email: mark at wellthot.com

Mark brings over 30 years of software development experience and has served as a staff member of major companies such as Bell Labs (now part of Altatel-Lucent), Reuters Information Technology Inc. (now part of Thompson-Reuters), Intuit Services Corporation (now part of CheckFree Corporation), Tellabs, Gould Computer Systems Division-Urbana (now part of Motorola), McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company (now part of Boeing), and Lachman Associates Inc. (one of Ron Lachman’s former ventures).

His programming background includes experience with PC, Mac/OS, and UNIX systems. He has extensive experience programming in a variety of languages including C, C++, Smalltalk, Java, Forth, Visual Basic, Awk, Python, Perl, and Korn Shell. He has produced a number of customized business applications using such tools as Microsoft Access and HyperCard.

Mark holds an M.S. degree in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology and a B.S. degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. As part of his continuing post-graduate study, Mark completed Ralph Johnson’s Object-Oriented Programming and Design course which provided an in-depth study of Smalltalk and object-oriented design patterns.

Mark has been a long-time member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the IEEE Computer Society, and the Independent Computer Consultants Association (ICCA). Mark is Past-President of the Chicago Chapter of the ICCA. In March 1999, Mark helped revive the Chicago Smalltalk User Group. He has participated in Uniforum Chicago, the Chicago Patterns Group, SIGOOT, the ACM Chicago Chapter, the Argonne Area Linux Users Group, and the Chicago Linux Users Group.

Mark participated in SqueakEnd 2000 in addition to Camp Smalltalk San Diego 2000 and Annapolis 2000. He also attended Smalltalk Solutions 2001 and 2002. Mark was the Conference Chair for PLoP 2003.

Susan Schwenk
Vice President

Email: susan at wellthot.com

Susan draws upon her writing and organization talents to direct business planning, marketing, corporate communications, and accounting.

Susan holds a B.A. degree in English from North Central College.


WellThot provides on-site service for all your IT needs. If you need to drop off equipment for service at our home office, please call to schedule a time.

Home Office: 103 Maple Ridge Dr., Morton, IL 61550-1121

Phone: (309) 938-4323